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Updated January 2012

The History

Original foundation at Bougie, Algeria 1949, contacts disrupted by the Algerian Civil War in the 1960′s, re-established at Toulon, France, in 1989 by Ludovic, one of its three original co-founders & continuing to evolve!

The Emblem

The Basic Goal

The global union of all of Good Will for fraternisation between
people and peace between peoples by the concretisation of human
unity in one sole communion; the human race, with one language;
that of the heart.

The Circle representing the Unity of Humanity & the Oneness of the Universe.
A Star representing The Light, that of Consciousness and that of the Soul.
A Cross of Arms of equal length representing Compassion and Service,
The luminous rays, The Soul of Man in the Service of the World.

The Fundamental Maxim

“Let us adore the Creator in serving all creatures and
which comes to mean:
To admire & love the Universe, all humans, all living beings,
their habitat, their environment, so as to contribute to a peaceful
and harmonious world and to make to grow the Soul which enables
us to love truly in the awareness of Universal Unity.

Peace Prayer Missiles

Helene Huber

P.O. Box 86, PA 18957-0086

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