The Universal Alliance Key Contacts Network

Please Note:
The Universal Alliance is not a charitable, humanitarian or funding association; however, if your project is in need of fund-aid, we can provide you (free of charge) with the necessary contact information of appropriate Charitable Aid or Microcredit organisations.

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All of Goodwill may belong to the Universal Alliance, membership of which consists in signing the, membership application from Oath of Service to and non-violence towards creation, as above, as available from the Global H.Q. as above, whatever may be their religious or philosophical connections, without having to abandon such and without fear of subordination, and who, thanks to their truly Universal Spirit, wish to participate in the most rapid & effective realisation possible of its ideals of which the final aim is to transform our chaotic world into one big, harmonious and mutually caring family.
The Universal Alliance has, as its guardians, a Planetary Council, which consists of three key Servitors based currently in the U.K., Greece and the Ivory Coast of Africa, plus, as joint members, the key regional Servitors of other regions or countries. A full copy of our Working Constitution is made available from the GHQ, above, to whomsoever becomes a key regional representative, together with all other necessary documents for their work. A complete list of all key regional servitors is made available to everyone who becomes a participating member of the network, as being also published in our Newsletter.
The Universal Alliance has membership contacts & branches in the following countries:
Albania, Canada, the two Congo’s, Cuba, Ghana, Greece, India, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, The Philippines/Oceania, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, U.S.A. & Uzbekistan as well as here, in the U.K., as, also, allied networks in most countries & continents. Coordinating contacts are known as Servitors, as ordinary members Adepts and to become such you must contact either our GHQ, here, by mail or email or the listed regional contact for your area.

We cannot guarantee that all of these contacts will be reached at the listed details.
If you try to contact them and fail to get through or to get any reply please inform HQ in the U.K.

The onus is on the Servitors themselves to inform us of any change of contact information!


Aime Bigirimana (
Rais Neza Boneza (
Regional U.A. contact for the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa

Singsakerbakken 13, 7030 Trondheim, Norway


Desmond Berghofer (
Visioneers International Network, Creative Learning International,
209-1628 West Ist Ave.
Vancouver, B.C. Canada, V6J 1G1
Tel: (604) 734-2544
Fax: (604) 734-9723


Albert Mananga (
I.P.S. Congo B.P. 754 Kinshasa 11 Democratic Republic of Congo
Tel: (00 243) 81 891 32 32
Fax: 1(914) 9314096


Mr Ramon Perez Moya (
P.O.Box 23, 53100 Ranchuelo, VCL, Cuba


Regional Coordinator, also for other Francophone contacts in Europe
Livia Varju
4 Chemin du Repos, 1213 Petit Lancy, Geneva, Switzerland
Tel / Fax: 41 022 793 0771


Alfred Kobina Arthur
P.O.Box TS 404,Teshie Accra
Tel: +233-21-226142
Fax: 248300

Joseph Boateng (
P.O.Box SU 64, Suhum, Eastern Region
Tel/Fax: +233-21-248300


Tatomir Ion Marius (


Dr Dauji Gupta (
“Nand Niketan”, Naka Hindola, Lucknow-4 226004
Tel: 91 522 227491
Fax: 219470

N.S.Ravishankar Tel: + 919448056981
Also A Key Contact covering Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Tarani Sen Patel
At/P.O. Gania Pali, Via Jamala Dist. Bargarh, Orissa PIN-768049

ISRAEL & WEST BANK (Palestine)

Tamer A.H. Halaseh (
Languages: English, Hebrew & Arabic.
General Interests & Concerns; setting up and attending various joint meetings and workshops between Palestinian youth and international activists (occasionally including Israeli Peace Activists) in order to intitiate and fortify interfaith dialogue, also peace dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians. Current projects, establishing a Public Outreach Office of the UA in collaboration with other sympathetic groups, associations and Educational Institutions in Jerusalem – enquiries to Brother Tamer for fuller details.
East Sawahreh, East Jerusalem P.O.Box 51263
Tel/Fax: 972-2-2796476
Mobile: 972-2-522432124


Joseph Bile (
We have more details on FA-MA International here
BP644 Grand Bassam, Cote D’Ivoire


Boaz Jero Apungu (
Box 15529-0100 Nairobi, Kenya


Francophone – Ouassaoulou Guerschom Xavier
Anglophone – Charles Zouzou
503 Avenue Chebanate, Lot Hay Chebanate CYM Rabat

Alain Martin Bouithy (
Damase Bd. Bahmad, Najmat, Entrée B. Appt. 66, Belvedere, Casablanca


Irfan Ahmed
Pacific Human Rights Club c/o Imram Azam Raza, Assistant Supdt. Training School Special Branch, Multon Road, Chung Lahor

See also as covering this region, N.S.Ravishankar, under INDIA


Tatomir Ion Marius (
Strada Independentei Bloc 18 Ap.14
Sighetu-Marmatiei cod 435500 Judet Maramures, Romania


Ph.D. Leo Semashko (
Social Philsopher and Sociologist, State Councillor Of St. Petersburg, Director: Tetrasociological Institute and IFLAC Russia;
Founder and President, International Website “A Culture of Peace from Social Harmony and Children’s Priority” uniting more than 180 authors from 32 countries and publishing in 12 languages.
Initiator and Manager, The Harmonious Era Calendar Project
Author of 150 scientific works, including 11 books and the Great Harmony Charter
( on philosophy, sociology, culture and policy.
Address: 7/4-42 Ho-Shi-Min Street, St Petersburg, Russia
Tel: 7 (812) 513-3863


See Ramon Perez Moya, our Regional Contact for Cuba


N.S.Ravishankar See for contact information under INDIA


Livia Varju
4 chemin du Repos, 1213 Petit-Lancy,
Geneva, Switzerland Tel/Fax 41 022 7930771



Also U.A. contact for the neighbouring African Republics
Rev. Dr. Reward D.M.Simbeye (
P.O. Box 3576 Dar-Es-Salaam
Tel: 255-51-807870
Fax: 255-51-861658

If you are seeking further detailed information you should contact HQ in the U.K.

If you who wish to volunteer to be a ‘servitor’ for your region, however defined (contactable or otherwise) should also contact HQ in the U.K. so that I can update our complete contact list which is available to all potential participants.
As a regional ‘servitor’ you need to contact HQ in the U.K. for copies of our ‘working constitution’ and membership affiliation forms as well as other centrally available materials.

Membership is by taking an ‘Oath of Service’ rather than by paying a subscription, subscriptions being for our Newsletters & journals and participation by active service & commitment.

If you wish to be involved at a regional level, please get in touch directly with one of the contacts.

Contact address:
Flat 5, Cobbs Well House.
Place Road, Fowey, PL23 1DR

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