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A Manifesto & A Party for Peace and Progress

A party for human rights.
54-57 Allison Street, Birmingham B5 5TH United Kingdom

Academy of Universal Global Peace

The goal of our “Academy Of Universal Global Peace” (AUGP) is to train & equip at least 30,000 master trainers & Peace builders world wide & some how we are able to achieve our target Goal every Year.

Dr. Madhu Krishan, ,


The Anti-Capitalist website in support of the “Occupy Wall Street” and other “occupy” and related movements worldwide  and

Aesthetica Magazine
(hardcopy & online) Poems, stories, Art News, images, annual competition.

Akwesasne Notes & Indian Times

Native American Newspaper, covering other tribes also, from the Mohawk 6 Nations (including other useful links), Kahniakehata Nation, Akwesasne Mohawk Territory, P.O.Box 306 Via Rooseveltetown NY 13683-0196 USA

(subscription information etc.)

See also main Akwesasne website at

American Monetary Institute, The
Alternative economic systems

Amnesty International

also Amnesty USA

Anti-Slavery Organisation

Anuvrat Global Organisation
P.O.Box No. 1003, Gandhi Nagar Post Office, JAIPUR – 302015 INDIA
Tel: (0) 91-141-2707347, 2705439
Fax: (0) 91-141-2710118
This is a trans-national centre for peace and non-violent action associated with UN DP1. We seek global alliance to promote and popularise ahimsa (non-violence). We are part of an international movement called Anuvrat Movement which seeks individual commitment to basic humanistic values like non-violence towards innocent living beings including plants, trees, animals, birds, sharing vision and resources, interfaith harmony, avoiding racial discrimination in all forms and human solidarity. Anuvrat means or small or basic vow. Anuvrat Movement is a network of self-transformed people. Acharya Mahapragya an internationally revered Jain saint is our spiritual patron and Anushashta (one who enjoins anuvratis – those who commit themselves to anuvrat (basic vows to practise ethical code of conduct).

Aquarian Age Community
President/Founder Ida Urso Ph.D.
An NGO in association with U.N./D.P.I.

Artistes Pour La Paix

Artistes Pour La Paix

ASHOKA Innovators For The Public

The international, green, radical, alternative economic and social etc innovators for the public

Astrology, Horoscope

Astrology, Horoscope

Guide to Astrology, numerology, horoscopes, Indian astrology, Compatibility and match making for 12 zodiac signs. Astrology and Horoscope prediction for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces on love, money, relationships, career.

Astrological Horoscope Provides online Accurate Indian Vedic Astrological Prediction with Kundli Reading, Matching, Free Remedial Astrology, Free Hindu Astrology with Zodiac Rashi Sign by Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Forecast.

Free Horoscopes
Free horoscopes based on real astrological calculations. Here you can find free Daily Horoscope, Personal Horoscope, Love and Relationship Compatibility Horoscope, the Lunar Calendar and a lot more free astrological information and calculations.

Horoscope Reading

Des:- Horoscope Reading

Indian Astrology Provides online Accurate Indian Vedic Astrological Prediction with Kundli Reading, Matching, Free Remedial Astrology, Free Hindu Astrology with Zodiac Rashi Sign by Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Forecast.


Om Astrology offers online horoscopes, astrology predictions, Indian astrologers, horoscope matching, Hindu astrology, Vedic astrology, horoscope compatibility, life reading and medical astrology

Zodiac Compatibility Chart

Want to learn more about your Zodiac sign compatibility and best love matches? Here is the interpretation of the zodiac compatibility chart.

Atma-Dovetales Educational Services
Christopher Gilmore, 34 Clifton Ave. Crewe, CW2 7PZ UK
Tel: ++44(0) 1270652392

(Newsletter) A European, libertarian, grassroots social & political action network.



a million-voice people’s global petitioning campaign site

Barnabas Fund International

Barnabas Fund International

Supporting persecuted Christian Communities worldwide

Brain & Spinal Cord

Resources and information for brain and spinal cord injury survivors

Calm Clinic
A resource website that provides some of the essential information necessary to begin fighting anxiety. It covers not just the main information such as causes, symptoms and treatment options, but also provides a unique anxiety test. The test is fairly comprehensive and helps identify what factors may be at work and where to start attacking it.

Campaign Against Climate Change

Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament

See many more anti-war and peace links globally on their website

SEE ALSO THE NON-VIOLENT RESISTANCE NETWORK – The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Newsletter, once every two months, can be sent by post or email on request. Contact: NVRN, Mordechai Vanunu House, 162 Holloway Road, London N7 8DQ tel. 020-7607 2302; Coordinator: David Polden. e-mail

(from the NVRN Newsletter)

Movement for the Abolition of War

Care 2 Causes
California, USA

Catholic Women’s Network
for Women’s Spirituality – open to women of all paths

Center For Global Non-Violence
Glenn D. Paige, President
3653 Tantalus Drive, Honolulu, HI 96822-5033 USA

Centre For Harmonious Living – Myrrinounda
Health & Retreat Centre & Spiritual Community (near Markopoulou, Attiki, Greece) and suburban education centre in Halandri, Athens, Greece
Tel/Fax: 22990-40315
Correspondence to:
Robert Najemy, The Centre For Harmonious Living
Griva 23, Halandri 152 33, Athens, Greece
Tel: 210 6818151/210 6818220

Centre for Unity

Vision: Central to our vision is faith in the unity of humankind, regardless of culture or belief, and that this unity can be experienced in the heart.
Center of Unity creates an open space for the art of living and considers itself to be a school of heart and consciousness. A place of communal living and working, we are committed to realising and putting into practice the principles of truth, simplicity, love, unity and peace in our everyday lives.
We are continuing and bringing to life the traditionally developed forms of spiritual practice from our founding time. We particularly focus on the ways young people view and perceive the world.
Ecological issues and permaculture are also very important to us.

Centre of Awareness
Centre of Awareness,
Ashburton, Devon

Chalice Well
ancient sacred site, peace-gardens, sanctuary, retreat-house & New Age course centre on Glastonbury Tor

Child Rights Information Network (C.R.I.N.)
C/o Save the Children U.K.
17 Grove Lane, London SE5 8RD U.K.
Tel: +44 (0)20 7716 2240
Fax: 7793 7628

Children of the Earth

Children of the Earth inspires and unites young people, through personal and social transformation, to create a peaceful and sustainable world. One Earth….with all her Children smiling!

Dr. Nina Meyerhof,

“If you are planning for a year, plant some rice. If you are planning for ten years, plant a tree. If you are planning for 100 years, open a school.

Children’s World

Citizens For A United Earth

City Montessori School, Lucknow, India

Nourishing a better future for the world’s citizens

Club of Amsterdam

Summits for the Future
Felix Bopp Email:

Coalition For Democratic World Government

Coalition For Self-Learning
Bill Ellis, General Coordinator
POBox 567 Rangeley ME 04970
Also: Adrienne Huber

Common Dreams
Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community – regular emailings packed full of htm internet documents giving the latest headlines, views and news on contemporary Peace, Ecological, Social Justice & Human Rights etc issues

Communication Partnership for Science & The Sea
(Marine Conservation)

Compassion Response Network

Australian based Charity funding humanitarian projects in Africa & India- affiliated to our Universal Alliance

David Keane, PO Box 582, Gosnells WA 6110, Australia

Conversations With God Foundation

1257 Siskiyou Blvd PMB#1150 Ashland OR 97520 USA
Neale Donald Walsch Free Weekly e-bulletin

CSVGC NG0 Committee

CSVGC NG0 Committee on Spirituality, Values & Global Concerns
At the United Nations, Geneva, Programme Coordinator – Vita de Waal
c/o WWSF 11 Avenue de la Paix, CH-1202 Geneva, Switzerland

Current Concerns, Zurich

The International journal of independent thought, ethical standards, moral responsibilities and the promotion of public international law, human rights and humanitarian law

See also the website of Alfred de Zayas at

Danse Avec Les Loups
Francais – dedie a la paix

Denip Non-Violence & Peace


Direct Action/Solidarity Federation

Anarcho-Syndicalist Solidarity Federation/International Worker’s Association

Drug Alert
Every year nearly 1.5 million Americans are being harmed by prescription drugs and our site is dedicated to giving readers a variety of information on how certain drugs can be particularly dangerous. It is our goal to keep consumers informed about their prescription drugs and the devastating side effects which may occur. Our blog, which is updated daily, keeps our readers informed about new information and the latest facts from our views.

Earth Action
30 Cottage Street, Amherst MA 01002 USA
Tel: +1 413 549 8118 Fax 0544
A global network of 1,000′s of NGO’s concerned with social & ecological issues.

Earth Care Hongkong
340 NGO’s affiliated. Also check Google Search for many other Earth Care network links!

Earth Island Institute

A non-profit, public interest, membership organisation that supports people who create solutions to protect our shared planet.

Earth Rainbow Network

Earth, Health & Mystic Fayre
Karen Kay, Penzance, Cornwall, UK


A network of interconnected co-creators – “One Planet, one people, one future”

Archived compilations on our current realities and potential transformations in earth, body, mind, soul & spirit

Ecovillage Network

Global EN:
United Kingdom:
The Americas:

Educators for Social Responsibility
23 Garden St. Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
Tel: 617-492-1764
Also Global Education Motivators,
Wayne Jacoby Press, Chestnut Hill College, 9601 Germantown Ave. Philadelpia PA 19118 USA
Tel: 215-248-1150

Electronic Intifada
(Palestinian E-Press Agency)
MECCS/EI Project, 1507E 53rd Street #500, Chicago IL 60615 USA
Tel: 1 (775) 254.4323

Email Nation

Email Nation

Alternative radical news

Emergence 21
3 ter Chemin de Barques, 34000 Montpellier, France
A libertarian collective dedicated to organising Peace, ecological & Music Festive Gatherings in France, notably on the Summer Solstice- Native American by spiritual inspiration, with strong Afro-French involvement, using both English & French – best described as the French equivalent of the “Green Field Gathering” at Glastonbury, England – and welcoming participants from all parts of the world.

Enabler Publications UK

Books to feed the mind and spirit; innovative & challenging books that focus on alternative lifestyle, creative work with young people, the counterculture, crime and social work, also the lives & cultures of people around the world.

Enhanced Healing Through Music
Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counselling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self-esteem.

Essene Network International, The
A modern revival of the teachings, origins and practices of the earliest Christians based on their spiritual-ethical principle of non-violence and love for all creation through vegetarianism and prayers and angel-invocations etc, ancient and contemporary

European Creative Forum
Micro & Macro Forums in many towns and cities for “Visions of Another World”
contact: Gareth Strangemore-Jones
Tel: +44(0)20 8880 7055
Email: &

European Federation of Green Parties

European Peace University

A private Europe-wide initiative, founded in 1990, for Peace and conflict studies, world-wide and European and Peace-building


M. Bile Koffi Joseph
BP644 Grand Bassam,
Cote D’Ivoire
We have more details on FA-MA International here.

Family of Light

Channeling, Progressive Healing Techniques, Ceremonies & Ceremonials
Charles & Serena P.O. Box 30752 Spokane WA 99223-3012
Tel: 509 389 7290

Fench Shui
Great feng shui products and feng shui tips at

Food Medicine

“Food Medicine” and other books on community living by Simon Mitchell

For Revolution In Education


For Revolution In Education

Forbidden Knowledge TV

Forbidden Knowledge TV,

Daily videos from the edge of science

Force Change US

A vital radical, global petition site

Free State Projects, South Africa

The Free State Projects revolve around community development, education and upliftment, self-sufficiency, permaculture, worker-co-ops, direct democracy, music festivals and other zany, wacky ideas like that.
Contact Daryl Fuchs, Cyclotron
join the project mailing lists via:

Freedom Party, US (Libertarian)

See also (similar) Freedom Party, Canada

and Freedom Party International

as, also, The British Freedom Party, to defend and restore the freedoms, traditions, unity, identity, democracy and ancient rights of the British People as also full national sovereignty, independence and separation from the European Union*

*PS while at one with the general spirit of this movement, which is not racist like the BNP, I would emphasise that I would envisage a con-federal Britain with independence/autonomy to Scotland, Cymru/Wales, Kernow/Cornwall) and any other region (e.g. The North East/North West) that so desires this rather than the current “United Kingdom” ,perhaps, under one Monarch, like a “Commonwealth of British Nations” rather than one centralised government in London. My objection to the current EU is to its current centralising of power trends in place of a truly grass-roots devolved “federal/con-federal unity”.

David Allen Stringer

Freedom Press/Freedom Newspaper

Freedom Press/Freedom Newspaper

The Anarchist journal/bookshop/library in London established in 1895

Friends of Peace Pilgrim
7350 Dorado Canyon Road, Somerset, CA 95684 USA
Tel: (530) 620- 0333
A Non-Profit, Tax-Exempt, All Volunteer World-wide Organisation.

Friends of People Close to Nature


FPCN Intercultural
The forum for friends of people close to Nature (fPcN( is a global movement of individuals and groups dedicated to the survival of tribal peoples, in particular hunter-gatherers. These are the first and last societies on Earth to have a non-exploitative relationship with the natural world. Our task is to help them preserve their unique cultures from enforced assimilation, the ideologies of ‘progress’ & ‘growth’ and absorption in the global economy.
FPCN supports non-hierarchic tribal peoples and will support tribes wishing to free themselves from alien religious doctrines and liberate themselves from religious persecution and oppression., working with organisations and individuals who are sympathetic to the above.
We make a connection between biodiversity and human, or cultural diversity. Just as deforestation threatens our climate, so by destroying a people or a distinctive way of life we destroy a part of ourselves. We need tribal peoples far more than they need us. They show us how we once lived in harmony with nature and how we might live again.
The terms “Intercultural” is used in preference to “International”
(an extract from their “Our Ethos & statement of principles”)
FPCN Intercultural – 33, Gould Close, Welham Green, Hatfield, Hertfordshire AL9 7EB England
Tel: +44 (0) 845 166 5696
Fax: 7092 018 702

Global Action to Prevent War


Global Community Organisation

“Beyond war to World Democracy & brotherhood”
222, High St. Palo Alto. California 94301-1040 USA
Tel: 650.328.7756
Toll Free: 1.800.707/7932
Fax: 650.328.7785

Global Constitution Forum

James T Ranney

Global Ethics

Dialogue, Reflection and Action for responsible leadership including a Global Ethics Forum, a Theological & Ecumenical Library and Environmental Sustainability etc.

Global Harmony Institute

Director – Kate Emery
10 Executive Drive, Farmington, CT 06032
Tel: (860) 674 9023
Fax: (860) 678 3531

Global Marshall Plan

Global Marshall Plan for Peace Security & Ecological & Social Development
Helge Bork & Sina Schwartzbach
Koordinierungsburo – Global Marshall Plan Initiative
Rissener Landstrasse 193, 22559 Hamburg, Germany
Tel: +49(0)40-822 904 20
Fax: +49(0)40-822 904 21

Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

Web: and

Global Partnership For The Prevention of Armed Conflict


Global Resource Bank
John Pozzi, Florida, USA – some radical ideas for a “one global currency system”.


Global Strategic Alliance For Peace and Human Progress

Deepak Chopra’s
To register:

Global Vision

Good News Agency
Fortnightly bulletins

Green Economics Institute



GREEN LEFT – Recommended Websites!

An Eco-Socialist, Anti-Capitalist Current Within The Green Party

Part of an International Movement

Green Left is not a part of the Green Party of England & Wales,

Is not funded by the GPEW and does not stand in governmental elections in its own right.

Contact Steering Committee

See also: Green Left Weekly, Australia

and World Newspaper

Green Spirit Network

Formerly “The Ascociation for Creation Spirituality”

Greenfaith Australia (Eco, Multi-faith)

See also

Greenpeace India

Greenpeace India

Greenpeace UK

Greenpeace UK

GROW (Grass Roots Opposition to War)

A Non-Hierarchical, Anti-War Network set up to support anti-war groups, to help new and existing anti-war groups to communicate directly with each other and share experiences, ideas, inforrmation and campaigning materials and developing democratic decision-making for campaigning strategies, with a participatory website.
GROW c/o JNV, 29 Gensing Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, E.Sussex TN38 0HE UK

Gush Shalom

Israeli – Palestinian Peace Bloc
P.O.B. 3322 Tel Aviv, Israel

House of Hope – International Peace Centre

POB 272 Shefar’am 20200 Israel
Tel: 972 4 986 8558

Housmans Radical Bookshop

Housmans Radical Bookshop
5 Caledonian Road, King’s Cross, London N1 9DX

Don’t forget to check out the online bookshop at, with over 500,000 titles available!

Human Rights – In Palestine

Regular bulletins:

Human Rights and Tolerance

Humana People To People
An international, Danish-based, humanitarian Third World field-work foundation which also trains volunteers for the projects it supports in collaboration with local NGO’s.

Humane Society International

Humane Society International

For the welfare of wild animals

Humanity’s Team
To help bring peace to the world – a spiritual network


International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

ICH – Information Clearing House

Another US radical newsagency that networks the news the main media suppresses!

Institut de Recherche Sur La Resolution Non-Violente Des Conflits

Institute on World Problems

Vice President Dr. Glen T.Martin

Intel Hub

A radical internet news-agency based in Hawaii, USA

Interfaith Christians

Interfaith Network

International Association of Educators For World Peace (I.A.E.W.P.)

International Campaign For Tibet

A non-partisan, public interest group dedicated to promoting human rights and democratic freedoms for the people of Tibet. ICT believes that Tibetans are a “people” under International Law and have the right to self-determination; that Tibet is an occupied country which has a distinctive language, culture and religion: and, that dialogue between Tibetans and Chinese is integral towards finding a solution to the situation in Tibet.
1825 K. Street NW, Suite 520 Washington DC 20006
Tel: 202.785.1515 fax 202.785.4343
Keizersgracht 302, Amsterdam P.O. Box 3337, 1001 AC Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 20 3308265 Fax +31 (0)20 3308266
Marienstr. 30 10117 Berlin, Germany
tel: +49 (0) 30 27879086 Fax: +49 (0) 30 27879087

International Centre For Environmental Arts (I.C.E.A.)
“ICEA’s mission is to assist an understanding of the relationships between Humans and their Environments through the Arts”
ICEA was founded by David & Renate Jakupca in 1987 to meet the compelling needs of ordinary citizens for access to current, balanced, understandable information about complex global issues.
ICEA gathers under its roof a range of United Nations and NGO’s active in the field of environmental & Human Rights and the Arts in Cleveland Ohio.
Box 81496, Cleveland, Ohio 44181 USA
Tel/Fax: 440-891-8376

International Forum For The Literature & Culture of Peace

IFLAC – Mrs Ada Aharoni &

International League of People’s Struggles


International Mevlana Foundation

Founded in Istanbul in 1996 to conduct research into that great writer, thinker and poet Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi his works, life and carrying these to the coming generations of our world

International Museum of Peace & Solidarity

Contact: Anatoly Ionesov, Director
International Museum of Peace and Solidarity
P.O. Box 76, UZ-703000 Samarkand
Republic of Uzbekistan
Tel/Fax: +998 (662) 33 17 53
(Messages in plain text only)

This is the fruit of grassroots initiatives by the International Friendship Club “Esperanto”. The Musuem was set up in December 1986 to mark the International Year of Peace. It is the very first Peace Museum in the CIS countries and Baltic States and it holds an honorary title of a “People’s Museum”, awarded by the Uzbekistan Ministry of Culture. Being a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, the Museum aims to promote peace through citizen diplomacy, culture and arts; to deepen public awareness and understanding of global challenges and to cultivate a sense of personal responsibility for coping with the vital worldwide problems on which the future of the world and the survival of our descendants depend; to demonstrate the multicultural diversity of the human race, fresh visions of a better world, and the need for worldwide solidarity. The museum houses some 2,000 different exhibit pieces, including literature, artwork, memorabilia etc, from over 100 countries, all featuring the universal human values and the real and actual global challenges man faces here and now.

Connected with the above is the following:
Samara International Society for Cultural Studies (Samara, Russia)
Director: Vladimir Ionesov
Email: (no Website)

International School of Humanitarian Thought and Practice (Manavatavadi Vishwa Sansthan)

Originator/Director: Swami Manavatavadi
Rajghat, KURUKSHETRA – 136118, Haryana, India
Tel/Fax: : +91-(0)1744-226278

International Simultaneous Policy Organisation


“The International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO) is a growing association of citizens world-wide who use their votes in a new co-ordinated and effective to drive all nations to cooperate in solving our planetary crisis. Transnational citizen action is vital because global markets and corporations so comprehensively overpower individual nations that no politician dares to make the first move to solve global problems for fear of competitive disadvantage.
IPSO overcomes this paralysis by bringing all nations to adopt in principle – and then to simultaneously implement – the Simultaneous Policy (SP), a range of democratically selected regulations to bring about economic justice, environmental security and peace around the world” – Director, John Bunzl

International Society for Intercultural Studies and Research

22 SK Deb Road (4th Bye Lane) Kolkata 700048 WB India
Tel: 91 33 252 1577753/3093151560

International Vegetarian Union

Linked to Earth Care, also in Chinese.

Intuitive Yoga Flow


“Spiritual healer & yoga teacher Linda Madani teaches on the island of Bali a powerful combination of vinyasa flow & Balinese qi gong to connect to the divine”

Iran of Tomorrow Movement

S.O.A. Iran
Non-Violent movement for Freedom in Iran, ending 25 years of Massacres and Oppression.
PO Box 131728 Houston, TX 77219-1728 USA


Indigenous Elders Advisory Council (Mohawk, Canada)


An independent and non-partisan membership organisation dedicated to reforming the US Foreign Policy by mobilising and organising the broad majority of Americans who want a foreign policy based on diplomacy, law and co-operation.

Lama Gangchen World Peace Service

Albignano Healing Meditation Centre
Lama Gangchen Rimpoche, born 1941 in Tibet, is the “second in command” to the Dalai Lama and the holder of a long lineage of lama healers and tantric masters. In exile since 1963, he has since become an Italian citizen. He is responsible for many peace study centres around the world and founded the Lama Gangchen Peace Foundation in 1992, a non-governmental organisation affiliated to the United Nations, with its HQ in Albignano di Bee. He actively promotes the creation of a permanent spiritual forum for world peace at the U.N., made up of representatives of all major and minor spiritual & religious traditions (continued over page)
The Albignano Healing Meditation Centre is run by the Lama Gangchen World Peace Service, a non-profit religious association of social and cultural interest, part of the above Peace Foundation. The association’s scope include the promotion of Buddhism in the West, traditional Tibetan medicine & culture. Non-Formal Education, which proposes to integrate both the revitalisation of villages and th3 recovery of rural and Alpine culture. Annual membership 15 Euros
Via Campo dell’Eva, 1
Albignano di Bee 28813 Verbania, Italy
Tel: +39-0323 569601
Fax: +39-0323-569622


“Corporate Entertainment. Laughlines International themes include comedy murder mystery, Fawlty Towers shows, comedy waiters, comedy paparazzi, Father Ted, Moulin Rouge, corporate game shows and radio role-play.
“Come Home To, Come with Us & Explore the Secret Spaces of & Experience the Power of Medecine Wheels at Lion Fire at Hovenweep Canyon & help us to save this Spiritual “Home of the Ancient Ones”
Annual Support Membership – -$150 USD (Minimum Donation)
Until July Ist 2004 – 11 Year Membership $1111.11 USD (minimum donation)
The Land Contains (1) Taos-Melchizedek Medicine Wheel & 2002 Pilgrimage 4-Corners Tour (2) The Fire-Peace Wheel (3) The Crystal Star Wheel (4) 55+ Anasazi (ancient Hopi) ruins, including one open kiva (5) Natural ampitheatre with astonishing accoustics & camping ground with all facilities and access to 400 acres of privately owned wild land etc.
Contact: LionFire at Hovenweep Canyon, David & Mary Leonard
1423 E Main St #134, Cortez, Colorado 81321 USA

Light Party (California)

A new political paradigm & creative health care, a wholistic paradigm new political party, a synthesis of the republican, democratic, libertarian and green parties. We have formulated a current, synergistic 7 point program which addresses and serves to resolve current socio-economic and ecological challenges

Live Links by George Douvris



Living Together Network, Australia

–for Interfaith Harmony

Living With Vision

Lucis Trust/ The World Goodwill Group

“To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy, science and art; to encourage every line of thought tending towards the broadening of human sympathies and interests, and the expansion of ethical religious and educational literature; to assist of engage in activities for the relief of suffering and for human betterment; and, in general to further worthy efforts for humanitarian and educational ends.”  and

Free Newsletter of the poet, David Hill
P.O. Box 133, Budapest 1255, Hungary

Mama Terra – For Mother-Earth

Mama Terra – For Mother-Earth Romania & Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
Contact – Aurel Duta

Manhattan Knee Specialists
Specialists in back, knee, and foot pain in Manhattan, NYC, Spine and Sports Medicine Clinic provides chiropractic, physical therapy, and acupuncture services.

Many To Many


Anthony & Gita Brooke, co-founders
Te Rangi, 4 Allison Street, Wanganui 5001 New Zealand
Tel/Fax: 64-6-345-5714
A Quarterly Publication issues by Operation Peace Through Unity, an accredited NGO in association with the U.N. Department of Public Information.
“Many to Many” is a communicating link between “we, the peoples” of all nations, races, creeds and ideologies offering in the spirit of the preamble of the United Nations Charter an instrument for the furthering of better relationships based on deepening mutual understanding and the aspiration to promote unity and cooperation beyond all differences.”

Maria Cristina Azcona

Argentinian Poetess for Peace – International Peace-Poetry Newsletter

Marraige Counselling Directory

Marriage Counselling Directory

The Family & Marriage Counselling Directory is a comprehensive portal on the web for marriage and family counselling information, help, and resources.

Matrix for Creation, A

Web: www.telus/amatrixforcreation/
A spiritual network inspired by the teachings of the Hopi Indians
Aemonn O’Brien – Ta Canku Luta – His Road is Red

May Peace Prevail On Earth

Ms Hagit Ra’anan
POB 39, Kiryat Ono, Israel 55100
Tel/Fax: 972-3-5353496
“Mettanokit is a non-profit learning centre and service organisation working for a more human society based on the old values of cooperation and equality and the closeness and caring found in our elder tribal societies. Programs and services respectfully incorporate the ancestral wisdom of Native Americans and others who honour harmonious living and the Mother Earth and spiritual connections with Creation. Part of our program is offering Native circles in prisons.


Challenging Barriers to Global Health

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

medical malpractice

A resource to raise awareness on the continued problems facing the medical industry and to help visitors to better understand the complications and concerns which may arise throughout treatment.  Over 200,000 people die each year in the United States from medical negligence. As more patients find out about the unwanted side effects of certain medical treatments, alternative and holistic treatments are becoming increasingly popular.

Ministry for Peace
A British Parliamentary (Private Member’s Bill) Initiative involving the British Peace Movement.

Mouvement Europeen – France

Mutanex Communications & Imaginal Diffusion Agency

MetaMagic Media Ministry & Mutants Unite:
Hidden Elitist Conspiracies:

Nation of Change
Supporting the US Occupy movement.

National Climate Change Conference (U.K.)

Network of Spiritual Progressives

New Age Study For Humanity’s Purpose

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose PO Box 41883,
Tucson, Arizona 85717 USA
FAX: 520-751-2981; Phone: 520-885-7909

New Gaia Network

Workshops, books of Gaia Channellings, Transformational Healing evenings etc.
Dragon’s Talk journal
Pat Angrove
1, The Turnpike, St Just,
Penzance, Cornwall TR19 7PN U.K.
Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 1736 787096

A frequent newsletter with the most brilliant cartoons whose compilations speaks on behalf of the American Anti-War & libertarian movements, also selling CD’s, Tapes & Videos exposing the secrets & corruption of the US Corporate Ruling Class – also some powerful anti-war poetry – subscribe by sending an email!
B.Z. Evans, MetaMagic Media POB 6271 Hilo, Hawai’I 96720 USA
Email: (CD’s/Videos etc) &

New Paradigms Network

Ed Elkin Hana-Maui
Webs: &

NGO Network Magaine

One Vision (Spiritual Gatherings Network)

Jan and Mike Pendragon
7 Roberts Street, Holyhead, Anglesey LL65 1SD U.K.
Tel: 01407 762321

One World South Asia


Advocacy serving persecuted Christians worldwide

Pachamama Alliance

Connecting indigenous wisdom and modern knowledge for a just, sustainable & thriving world and constitutions that embody the rights of Mother Nature and the Earth.

Parallel Community

Parallel Community is a worldwide body of people, interested in the wellbeing of all humanity and the planet. No one person has the answer to eradicate poverty, stop oppression or give back civil liberties but collectively we will make a difference, One Voice For Peace.

Passion for the Planet

The U.K.’s only “Mind, body, spirit – planet Radio Station”


(Green Motherland)
A non-governmental, non-profit and politically independent citizen organisation. The aim of the organisation is environmental protection, sustainable development, Human Rights and promoting self-governance. Founded in 1995, by Dr S.Ramadoss, a well-known social reformist in Tamil Nadu, India & headed by Dr R. Ranbumani Secretary R. Arul, Pasumai Thaayagam
No.9 (old No.5) Lynwood Lane, Mahakingapuram, CHENNAI-600 034, Tamil Nadu, A India
Tel: 044-2817 2120, 2817 2122

Peace Action Network

Peace Action Network & Artists For Peace & Gardeners For Peace

Peace Democracy

(Email Mailings)

Peace for Humanity

A Multi-Faith Network

Peace From Harmony

“The Great Charter of Harmony”
Leo Semashko (Russia)
See Our Universal Alliance CONTACTS PAGE for more details

Peace Information Network

Peace Journalism

Mrs kamala Sarup

Peaceworkers U.K.

Physicians for Social Responsibility

1875 Connecticut Ave, N.W. Ste. 1012 Washington D.C. 20009
Tel: 202-667-4260

Plain View Press

Poetry with a radical social content/context
P.O. Box 42255, Austin TX 78704 USA
Tel: 512-441-2452 (Susan Bright)

Planet Positive

Bilingual English-French online international “Positive News”

Planetary Awakening Network

contact: Maggie Erotokritou

Pleural Mesothelioma Center
A website giving a complete list of symptoms and treatment options for this cancer that develops in the lungs due to asbestos exposure.



Poetry in Therapy Workshops (Cornwall)

Contact: Imogen Holt

Population Matters

Population Matters

Press Freedom World Watchdog

Press Freedom World Watchdog

Progressive Medicine Centre

Dr Anca Martalog, European Canadian Naturopathic Doctor, treats patients with any health challenges from 3 continents using alternative medicine (homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, natural treatments and remedies). This site offers online treatment options + FREE Health strategies to deal with menopause, women’s/men’s complaints, children’s problems, detoxification, IBD, ADHD, fibromialgia, chronic fatique, diabetes, etc.
Get Healthier naturally with Dr Anca Martalog’s treatment protocols and her books suggestions on health treatments and therapies.
Discover the secret to a long-lasting healthier lifestyle through natural nutrition, fitness, homeopathy, naturopathy, Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, complimentary treatments and herbal remedies.

Racism Against Romanies

Chris Cooke

Radio for Peace International – RFPI

A Global Community Radio Station, Costa Rica, Central America – Shortwave broadcast & Internet Radio News Webcast

Rag Radio

Austin, Texas
Web: & theragblog
Cutting edge alternative journalism, politics and culture in the spirit of the 60′s underground press.

Rag Radio & The Rag Blog

RAG RADIO and The Rag Blog : weekly Friday live-stream and archived radio broadcasts interviewing radical and alternative activists and musicians etc. as produced by the New Journalism Project, inc., a Texas non-profit corporation granted tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the New Journalism Project are tax-deductible.

P.O. Box 1644 Austin, TX 78761-6442

Rainforest Action Network

Renewal Arts

“A network of people across the world with a shared vision to explore the arts as a catalyst for spiritual renewal and enable individuals & society to experience art’s transforming power, to encourage artists through a network of those who share this vision and present and produce events of artistic excellence”

Ring Of Power – Institute For Global Peace Work (IGF)
An initiative of the intentional (Vegan/vegetarian) community to explore all aspects of holistic and non-violent living.

Ring of Power – The Grace Foundation



School of Community Economic Development
Contact: Dr Catherine Rielly
South New Hampshire University, 2500 North River Road, Manchester, NH 03106-1045, USA
Tel and fax: 603.644.3103

“South New Hampshire University’s School of CED is an internationally recognised leader in education, policy, research and institution building in the field of community economic development. Since its creation in 1982 it has served more than 1,000 practitioners in its various training programs.
The school provides social entrepreneurs from community organisations with skills in planning, management, finance and other economic fields to help them build up their communities all over the world. Programs are offered in the United States and through partnerships at universities in Africa.”


Save the Arctic today from the wild-life and global climate destruction caused by oil and gas-exploitation and use of fossil fuels etc.

Scientific and Medical Network

David Lorrimer Gibliston Mill, Colinsburgh, Leven, Fife KY9 1JS, Scotland
Tel: +44 (0) 1333 340490
Fax 340491

Sense Adventures

Eco-Tourism and World Peace Activism, Peter Bentley, Australia
Peter Bentley was recently taken seriously ill with cancerous brain-tumours while on a Peace pilgrimage in Jamaica, becoming  totally out of action since and  has been receiving palliative care in Australia, in a hospice, from which he is never likely to come home – we have kept this link open  for as long as it works, primarily in honour of his dedicated work and secondly in case others take over the work he has started there. David Allen Stringer for the Universal Alliance.

PS It is to our great sorrow that we must inform you that our old friend Peter, first met at the Conference of the “International Association of the Educators for World Peace (of which he was a founder member)  in 2004, passed peacefully to Spirit on August 3rd 2012. We refer you to the other link on this web page for details of the IAEWP.

For further still active information about Eco-Tourism worldwide, see below our link to “Sustainable Travel International” with which Peter was connected.

David Allen Stringer The Universal Alliance

Shalom, Educating for Peace
This project seeks equip youth leaders in training youth in peace principles. Shalom has developed a training manual to assist these leaders in this task. The aim is to reach 250 youth leaders in 50 local churches through this training.
Shalom is a non-government organization with a focus on the Great Lakes region with the expectation of expanding to the entire African continent. Shalom is currently active in Rwanda and Burundi.
Shalom seeks to partner with development organizations that are active in these countries, equipping their staff with the ability to train others in peace principles.
Organizations interested in being trained in peace principles must please contact Shalom for further information. Shalom was founded by Jean de Dieu Basabose and Cori Wielenga, former students of the Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies department of the University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Both completed postgraduate studies which focused on sustainable peace in the Great Lakes region.
Shalom’s vision is to empower African communities to: oprevent violent conflict onon-violently resolve conflict obuild a culture of nonviolence omove towards reconciliation
This vision is implemented through our three principal activities: peace education, research and non-violent action.
Subscribe to this bi-monthly newsletter to keep up-to-date with Shalom’s activities!

Currently members of Shalom speak on a weekly community radio program in Rwanda, called Umcyo, where peace principles are discussed and debated and people can call in with their questions and comments.

In Rwanda: Jean de Dieu Basabose
P.O. Box 6210, Kigali, Rwanda Tel.: +250 0840 3868 e-mail :
In South Africa: Cori Wielenga Tel.: +27 82 400 2505 e-mail:
In Burundi:Jean Hareremina Tel: +257 7999 9257 e-mail:

Shalom welcomes anyone wanting to follow an internship, wanting a learning encounter or wanting to volunteer for whatever length of time. There are multiple opportunities for a variety of volunteer activities.

Shalom is entirely dependent on gifts and donations to remain operational. Help us make our projects a reality and transform communities for peace! Contact us for more information.

In partnership with the Peace Academy of Costa Rica Shalom hopes to implement this project which educates communities in nonviolent communication and emotional awareness.

In this project, Shalom will assist in the development of adult literacy material, communicating peace principles through adult literacy. Further, Shalom will train adult literacy project staff in peace principles for them to carry these over in adult literacy classes.

Shalom seeks to educate communities through the use of song and theater, which is an accessible and cost-effective form of entertainment for struggling communities.

Share The World’s Resources (STWR)

STWR aims to promote the fair and global distribution of the world’s resources and to provide an adequate standard of living for all humanity as stated in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Article 25
STWR, PO Box 3475, London NW5 1XT,England


A non-profit environmental organisation, whose mission is to protect and conserve wilderness, species and eco-systems. We advocate the responsible use of natural resources while promoting a modern equitable economy that sustains our planet in everyway. Goals: beyond coal, beyond oil, natural gas reform, protecting American waters, resilient habitats, youth and diversity.


South Caucasus Congress / Integration

Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabag and adjacent countries.

Key Principles – see

Georgi Vanyan
Armenia, Yerevan 375038, Ul Shenararneri 14 KB 553

Spirit Forum

(Francais – Spiritualite, occulte et Esoterisme – La Vie de Jesus)

Herve Daniel Mesnier (Peace Ambassador)

Spirit of Goodwill

Founder and President – Kosta Makreas, San Bruno, CA 94066, USA

Spiritual Health Science

Universal Tao (Seminars)
Rentao Ravisio Robinsonweg 12 – 3008 Bern, Switzerland
Email: and

Spiritual Psychology


Advice Presidents, The Light Party,
Associate Directors, Global Peace Foundation,

Quantum Physics “Reality”
“Reality” is what we take to be true.
What we take to be true is what we believe.
What we believe is based upon our perceptions.
What we perceive depends on what we look for.
What we look for depends upon what we think.
What we think depends upon what we perceive.
What we perceive determines what we believe.
What we believe determines what we take to be true
What we take to be true is our reality.
So . . .
We create our own reality.

Stop New Nuclear, A Campaign & Newsletter

Stop New Nuclear Campaign & Newsletter  to stop new nuclear power stations

Email: Web:
c/o 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX, Phone: 0845-2872381


Stratfor Geopolitical Weekly

Stratfor Geopolitical Weekly

Quality journalistic reports on contemporary issues worldwide.

221 W. 6th Street, Suite 400 Austin, TX 78701, USA

Sustainable Travel International

Promoting sustainable tourism travel & eco-tourism, supporting sustainable development, helping travellers and travel providers to protect the cultures and environments they visit – from original information as sent by Peter Bentley of Sense Adventures, Australia, now deceased.

Synaptic Graffiti

Slam the body politik!
Synaptic Graffiti is poetry, art, music, performance, image animation and text motion in a multi-media and live performance format with an edge! Send your personal, social and political subversions in art, poetry and music. Also CD’s and Videos.
Email for submissions (attached to an email in word, rich text or plain format)
or (general)
See Also:

Tamera, Monte do Cerro, P-7630 Colos, Portugal
Tel.:00351-283-6353-06 Fax.:00351-283-6353-74
Tamera is a project for a future worth living, situated in southern Portugal, comprising 331 acres, 30 km inland from its western coast.
The project sees itself as a base for global peace work. The Institute for Global Peace Work was founded in Tamera as a coordinating body for all peace related issues. The research work deals with new ways of healing humans and nature. Its aim is to develop a cultural model of a non-violent lifestyle for a couple of hundred people and the implementation of a healing biotope. Healing biotope stands for an intentional community of people, animals and plants. It describes a place where they live together, enhancing each others life energy, a place where they are not blocked anymore through fear or violence. We also aim for a fairly wide scope of self-sufficiency in the areas of nutrition, water, energy and medicine. Practical activities in the project are in gardening, energy supply, soil improvement, architecture, landscaping, etc. But mainly we work in theoretical and social fields on the question of the implementation of a non-violent culture on this planet.

Tamera Peace Pilgrimage to The Holy Land

Diaries and pictures – see


Spiritual Studies School Moscow, Russia
Director: Lydia Perestrutova (“Aourana”)

The Four Worlds International Institute

World Peace Posse/Peace Posse Cafes
International Center for Excellence in Education –ICIE etc.

The Keshe Foundation and World Peace Project Invitation

The Love Foundation/Global Love Day May Ist


Take a moment to see the Global Love Day pages for ideas and our vision by visiting our home page at or

The Shift, a Movie Being made by a movement and a global network

A massive worldwide phenomena in progress that offers transformational seeds of a great hope for the future, accelerating our evolution.  and

The Wisdom Newsletter & Bulletin


The Wisdom Newsletter and Bulletin

Ojai, California local New Age seminars and courses and news of other such gatherings and opportunities worldwide

Traditional Hopi Nation

For more information:


Transcend Africa Network

Director – Rais Neza Boneza, Peace Ambassador
Field Work in the Great Lakes Region of Africa (Uganda, Burundi & Eastern-D.R.Congo).
Promoting a Culture of Non-Killing in Burundi.

Transformational Tools Made Simple

Contact: Arlene Arnold
Tel: 253-884-3422

“Through a complete line of vibrational tools we help many to shift to what no longer serves them and embrace their true fulfillment. You too may be empowered to live life fully and express your true essence. Together we can reach the highest and best within, and our world, as we do our part to bring about the ‘shift of the ages’.
Try some of our transformational tools FREE.


Helping people to transform themselves.
Also: Free psychic readings, relationship advice and psychic directory.

Transition Network

For ecologically sustainable living

Transnational Perspectives

Editor: Rene V.L. Wadlow, Le Passe, Fr-07140 Gravieres, France
“This online journal is a reincarnation of Transnational Perspectives which was established as an independent journal in 1977 basically to make policy suggestions for difficult international negotiations, especially those carried out at the United Nations in Geneva: arms control and disarmament, “North-South” development, human rights, conflict, especially the Iran-Iraq, Soviet-Afghan, Cambodia, and former Yugoslavia conflicts which were largely negotiated in Geneva. Our aim was to stress the deeper, transnational trends in the hope that common interests might be more easily found.”


Triune Of Light
A  global, healing, meditation-and-transformation and artist’s and world-servers’ network.
The keynote of TRIUNE’s work is synthesis. All whose hearts resound to this energy are especially encouraged to contact us.


Digging beneath the headlines

UBUNTU Empower the UN

Create a People’s Parliament One World Now
55, New Montgomery St. Suite 224, San Francisco
CA 94105 USA
Tel: 1.415.896.2242
Also Robin Wheeler Tel 1.717.264.5063

UIA Yearbook of organisations

UN Watch

UN Watch the United Nations Human Rights watchdog

UNGA-Link Newsletter

UNGA-Link UK exists to promote links between British NGO’s/CSO’s and the UN General Assembly in order to encourage the implementation of common goals through partnerships.
Our members are diverse in size and range of special interests. Some have recognised status within the UN system. Most do not. All want to see civil society more coherently represented at the United Nations.

Membership: organisations £10 and Individuals £5 – cheques payable to “UNGA-Link UK” to the Treasurer, Richard Pryor, 3 Blanford St Mary, Blanford Forum, Dorset DT11 9LH U.K.

Main Office: P.O. Box 10363 London NW2 2ZN Tel/Fax 020 8455 5005
Secretary/Editor: 11 Wilberforce House, 119 Worple Road, London SW20 8ET Tel/fax: 020 8944 0574


UNIFEM is the women’s fund at the United Nations, providing financial support and technical assistance to innovative programs promoting women’s human rights, their economic and political empowerment, and gender equality in over 100 countries.
For more information contact:
UNIFEM, 304 East 45th St. 15th Floor, New York, NY 10017 USA
tel: 212-906-6400 Fax 212-906-6705
and also:

United for Intercultural Action

European Network against nationalism, racism and in support of migrants and refugees.
Postbus 413 – NL 1000 AK Amsterdam
Tel: +31-20-6834778 Fax 6834582

United Interfaith Action Network


2724 Mayfield Road #10, Cleveland Heights, Ohio  44106 United States, Universe – for fuller/other details see UIFAN’s Key INTERNATIONAL INTERFAITH ORGANIZATIONS contacts as below:,

CPWR (Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions), Chicago, Illinois   The official organisation continuing the tradition of the Parliament of the World’s Religions through convening the largest, international interFaith conference every five years.,

IARF (International Association for Religious Freedom), Osaka, Japan:  The oldest, after over a century, continuously active interFaith organisation on Earth.,

IFYC (InterFaith Youth Core), Chicago, Illinois:  Specialises in recruiting youth to participate within, and organise, interFaith dialogue, cooperation, and particularly community service projects.,

International Movement for a Just World, , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:  promotes policies of international, interreligious cooperation through dialogue and advocacy.,

Mavin Foundation, Seattle, Washington

Builds pathways to healthier communities by celebrating the mixed heritage experience and providing awareness and educational resources through:  innovative programmes, cutting edge technologies, collaboration with other mixed-heritage organisations, and evidence-based programme development & research.

NAIN (North American InterFaith Network),

The preeminent interFaith umbrella organisation of the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and consists of dozens of local and national member organisations and individuals.,

Religions for Peace, New York, New York:

The largest interFaith organisation on Earth and brings together religious leaders and civic leaders respectively from a diverse ser of religious communities.,

Swirl, New York, New York

A multiracial community committed to initiating and sustaining cross-racial, cross-cultural dialogue, particularly through dialogue and social events.,

Taking IT Global, Toronto, Canada

This facilitates international communication, networking, and coalition building amongst youth, and specifically pertaining United Nations initiatives, through the internet and emerging technological and social media innovations.,

UIFAN (Universal InterFaith Action Network)

An international collective of activists ushering humanity through the Compassion Age, fundamentally changing convention through Ahimsic Civil Transcendent Golden Rule Compassion and the ACE Plan, initially through 1.)  Cooperative Transportation, 2.)  Micro Communities, 3.)  Honour System Coop Networks, 4.)  o |, and 5.)  Alleviation of All Debt; specifically with Wikiships, King Kennedy Shabbazz Heschel Ghosananda Vivekananda programmes, and service programmes.,

World Congress of Faiths, Oxford, England The second oldest interFaith organisation with numerous interFaith activities and resources.,,

World Peace Prayer Society, Wassaic, New York:

Advocates the World Peace Prayer, “May Peace Prevail Upon Earth,” and Peace Poles, within over 100 of the many respective languages throughout the Earth.,


United Nations University for Peace United Religion’s Initiative

Morse Flores

United Religions Initiative Europe

United Religions Initiative Europe  -  

Karimah Stauch • URI Europe Coordinator
Bonn, Germany

Universal Ambassador Peace Circle and Universal Peace Embassy

Founding President – Jean Paul Nouchi
A network of chosen and recommended Peace Messengers – ask to be subscribed to their mailing list!

Universal Life

In defence of the sacred life of all animals.

University of Life

Linked to the Wessex Research Group (see link below) and concerned with ancient mysteries, the unexplained and other mystical and New Age Consciousness subjects – Conferences and Networking ideas.
Contact: David Kingston, Dorchester, Dorset, UK

See also The Crop Circle Website:

Urban Theology Unit Sheffield

Urban Theology Unit, Sheffield

Radical Christian grass-roots social action in urban areas

Vegan Organic Network (V.O.N.)

A U.K. based international network:
“Find out about the ethical and environmental benefits of animal-free horticulture and agriculture”.

An online, worldwide guide to all things vegan, regions covered: Asia, Australia, Carribean, Europe, North America, South America

Veggie Vision

A Veggie Internet TV Station

Voices Education (USA)

Popular voices, art and poetry etc for social justice and peace

Vote World Government

Jim Stark P.O. Box 1102 Shawville Q.C. Canada JOX 2YO
Tel: (819) 647-6113

WALK FREE The Movement To End Modern Slavery

WALK FREE The Movement To End Modern Slavery –

First see the Video Re Filipino Women, then, click on the live heading on that page to explore the worldwide aspects of the WALK FREE website!

Wessex Research Group

Also Network of Light and Holistic Colleges Network
Regular weekly/weekend talks/seminars/discussions and sharing circles in South West Britain.
Email: Robert Mulliss

What’s Up On Planet Earth?

White Tiger Organic Farms Project Inc

Near Hakalau by Hilo, Hawai’i, a 588 acre permaculture etc project for growing rare and valuable plant species for fiber, food, construction materials and all other possible uses, plus research into clean energy systems, non-toxic materials, processing seawater into freshwater for drinking and agriculture, also envisioning floating cities, undersea human habitats and artificial island farms in many countries. The aim to free Humanity from bondage to petrochemicals, coal and nuclear power, so rendering these obsolete together with the competition that leads to wars, as well as an end to environmental destruction in “peace time”.
No attachments to emails please -
Greg O’Neill
210 E Lincoln Road #128 Spokane, WA 99208 USA
Tel: 509.484.3080

Wholistic World Vision
A Global Communications Network for Planetary Transformation through Spiritual Re-Education
Very Similar to our Universal Alliance, UK-based with contact addresses in the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, South Africa and Germany.

Winning Writer’s Newletter

Recommended Newsletter for Poetry and other literary competitions, also, some beautiful and inspiring poetry!

Wisdom Community

Newsletter and Bulletin, California, USA

Wisdom of the Heart Foundation

898 Arias Bernal Ave. and 3rd Ave. 2nd Floor “E”, Downtown Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, Zip Code 22000
Tel: (52) 664 637 4400

Women and Environment Development Association

Chairperson – Mrs Sarmila Adhikari Adhikani (Shrestha)
P O Box 20755, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 00977.1.4359836 & 4352281
Email: or
Issues and programmes concerned with Peace, Human Rights, Girls Trafficking, Poverty, Universal Education, Sustainable Development, Environment and Democracy etc.

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

1213 Race St. Philadelphia, P.A. 19107
Tel: 215-563-7110

World Brotherhood Union – Mevlana Supreme Foundation, Istanbul

(multi-faith, eco, peace etc)

World Citizens

An international network with national branches
Contact: Douglas Mattern

World Constitution and Parliament Association

A World Constitution
World Constituent Assembly
World Constitution and Parliament Association – organising Agent for the Provisional World Parliament and for the Global Ratification of Elections Network - formulator of A Constitution For The Federation of the Earth
Dr Glen T. Martin
Tel: (303) 233-3548 Fax (303) 237-7685 or 526-7933

World Council of Elders, The

“The World Council of Elders Inc is a non-profit, tax-exempt educational organisation dedicated to preserving, sharing and integrating traditional indigenous wisdom with modern cultures towards world-wide healing, peace and sustainable living for Future generations”

World Future Council Initiative

Trafalgar House, 11, Waterloo Place
London SW1Y 4AU
Tel: +44 (0)20 7863 8833 Fax 7839 5162

World Goodwill

The Lucis Trust
Suite 54 3 Whitehall Court, London SW14 2EF UK
Tel: 020 7839 4512 Fax 020 7839 5575

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