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Eco-Tourism and World Peace Activism, Peter Bentley, Australia
Peter Bentley was recently taken seriously ill with cancerous brain-tumours while on a Peace pilgrimage in Jamaica, becoming  totally out of action since and  has been receiving palliative care in Australia, in a hospice, from which he is never likely to come home – we have kept this link open  for as long as it works, primarily in honour of his dedicated work and secondly in case others take over the work he has started there. David Allen Stringer for the Universal Alliance.

PS It is to our great sorrow that we must inform you that our old friend Peter, first met at the Conference of the “International Association of the Educators for World Peace (of which he was a founder member)  in 2004, passed peacefully to Spirit on August 3rd 2012. We refer you to the other link on this web page for details of the IAEWP.

For further still active information about Eco-Tourism worldwide, see below our link to “Sustainable Travel International” with which Peter was connected.

David Allen Stringer The Universal Alliance

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