The Universal Alliance in More Detail

The Universal Alliance for Human Unity is a movement in the bosom of which persons can unite around fundamental values, founders of a global union (with one common currency) where all human beings will find themselves to be respected, esteemed and served for what they are.
The Fundamental Values & Ideals to which those allied adhere are as follows:
Peace Prayer Missile

Peace Prayer Missiles, Helene Huber, P.O. Box 86, PA 18957-0086

The Allies work today for tomorrow, for those who will follow after

Behind them they wish to leave nothing
but traces of love


The establishment of a Universal Ethic, the announcing of rights and duties, the regulation of commerce, the administration of natural resources, that of wealth, the international judicial code etc. must be raised up to a supra-federal level. The diversity of the specific values of each region must be safeguarded – any proposed structures or infrastructures for this purpose must be non-hierarchical, decentralist, egalitarian & grass-root democratic and cleansed of all egoisms and desires for personal power over others.

Dream MapSharing

That which generations have succeeded in inventing for the progress of humanity must profit the whole world and be shared between all individuals, for the general well-being comes before self-interest. A social, distributive economy has for its objective to realise this sharing and to put an end to the regime of dependence and exclusions so as to give individuals autonomy and social responsibility.


Spirituality is the interior dimension which makes it that a person seeks to transcend the contingencies of the society in which he or she sees the light of day. Spirituality cannot be made subservient to this or that obedience.
One can, therefore, consider it to be “lay” in the sense that it is independent of all institutional religious obedience. It is the interior life that animates the person and makes he/she grow towards more autonomy and sovereignty while causing he/she to be aware of their responsibilities towards those to come after, society, the world and nature. It is translated into life by an art of living which is living-and-more: to love the Universe, to respect and to serve all creatures. To carry in this spirit one’s regard for creation implies, already, certainly the contemplation and adoration of its author.

Universal Love

This supposes the recognition of the Unity of the Living World and the Interdependence of all the realms of nature and of all creatures, that is to say, The Mineral Realm, The Realm of Flora & The Realm of Fauna Universal Love implies that all which lives, that all which is, be respected and utilised wisely without bringing any harm to the processes of life in their generality. To occupy our place in the great creative work implies to construct, to unite, to contribute, to share, to sympathise and to relieve and ease. Love does not exist if it is not translated into action. By the practice of love, the human being truly accedes to the stature of Man to which we are all called.

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