Phoenix Art

The Visual Arts of David Allen Stringer between 1970 and 2010 with biographical background.

David Stringer with a book of his poems by Fowey Harbour

Art as an Ongoing and Living Response To Life and an Integral Part Of All Its Aspects

“As bare earth receives the season’s warm sun and rains,
as are sown, upon it, over time, from many quarters, diverse, random seeds,
so, thence, springs forth, from within and without, our inspirations,
some of them given wings, in Zen-moments by Spirit Visions,
the techniques, through imitation, absorbed, as we learn how to walk and talk,
Art becomes the mortal, yet ageless expression of our life’s pilgrimages,
an aspect becomes of every path we, exploring, walk,
linked with all those who went there, before, throughout man’s ages.”

You can also access a YouTube-posted approx. 3/4 hour film portrait of the poet-painter by googling, on YouTube, the text ” Bradford Art College David Stringer, see the first video at the top of the list “Portrait of David Stringer, poet, filmed by Joy Godfrey during her time at Bradford Art College 1973-77 (David Allen Stringer being there, studying Community Arts, Film, Theatre, Radio & TV between 1973-76). This video as well as being witty slices of daily life, also, shows the “artist in his garret” working on some graphics that cannot be, here, available, such as a wall-chart, for publication, of edible wild flora & such, in their natural habitats and one or two, now, long ago lost paintings.

  Roots & Origins
An Existential Initiation
The River is a Highway
The Importance of Communal Groups, Initiatives and Involvement
Landscape As A Living and Evolving Work of Art
Art and The Microcosm of The Local Community

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