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Shalom, Educating for Peace

This project seeks equip youth leaders in training youth in peace principles. Shalom has developed a training manual to assist these leaders in this task. The aim is to reach 250 youth leaders in 50 local churches through this training.
Shalom is a non-government organization with a focus on the Great Lakes region with the expectation of expanding to the entire African continent. Shalom is currently active in Rwanda and Burundi.
Shalom seeks to partner with development organizations that are active in these countries, equipping their staff with the ability to train others in peace principles.
Organizations interested in being trained in peace principles must please contact Shalom for further information. Shalom was founded by Jean de Dieu Basabose and Cori Wielenga, former students of the Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies department of the University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Both completed postgraduate studies which focused on sustainable peace in the Great Lakes region.
Shalom’s vision is to empower African communities to: oprevent violent conflict onon-violently resolve conflict obuild a culture of nonviolence omove towards reconciliation
This vision is implemented through our three principal activities: peace education, research and non-violent action.
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Currently members of Shalom speak on a weekly community radio program in Rwanda, called Umcyo, where peace principles are discussed and debated and people can call in with their questions and comments.

In Rwanda: Jean de Dieu Basabose
P.O. Box 6210, Kigali, Rwanda Tel.: +250 0840 3868 e-mail : basajd@yahoo.fr
In South Africa: Cori Wielenga Tel.: +27 82 400 2505 e-mail: coriwielenga@gmail.com
In Burundi:Jean Hareremina Tel: +257 7999 9257 e-mail: hareprime@yahoo.fr

Shalom welcomes anyone wanting to follow an internship, wanting a learning encounter or wanting to volunteer for whatever length of time. There are multiple opportunities for a variety of volunteer activities.

Shalom is entirely dependent on gifts and donations to remain operational. Help us make our projects a reality and transform communities for peace! Contact us for more information.

In partnership with the Peace Academy of Costa Rica Shalom hopes to implement this project which educates communities in nonviolent communication and emotional awareness.

In this project, Shalom will assist in the development of adult literacy material, communicating peace principles through adult literacy. Further, Shalom will train adult literacy project staff in peace principles for them to carry these over in adult literacy classes.

Shalom seeks to educate communities through the use of song and theater, which is an accessible and cost-effective form of entertainment for struggling communities.

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Spirit Forum

(Francais – Spiritualite, occulte et Esoterisme – La Vie de Jesus)

Herve Daniel Mesnier (Peace Ambassador)

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Tamera Peace Pilgrimage to The Holy Land

Diaries and pictures – see www.prvme.org

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Transcend Africa Network

Director – Rais Neza Boneza, Peace Ambassador
Field Work in the Great Lakes Region of Africa (Uganda, Burundi & Eastern-D.R.Congo).
Promoting a Culture of Non-Killing in Burundi.

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Peaceworkers U.K.


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Peace Journalism

Mrs kamala Sarup

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Peace Information Network


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Peace From Harmony

“The Great Charter of Harmony”
Leo Semashko (Russia)
See Our Universal Alliance CONTACTS PAGE for more details

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Peace for Humanity

A Multi-Faith Network
Web: www.peaceforhumanity.org

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Peace Democracy

(Email Mailings)

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Peace Action Network

Peace Action Network & Artists For Peace & Gardeners For Peace

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Parallel Community

Web: www.parallelcommunity.com
Email: info@parallelcommunity.com
Parallel Community is a worldwide body of people, interested in the wellbeing of all humanity and the planet. No one person has the answer to eradicate poverty, stop oppression or give back civil liberties but collectively we will make a difference, One Voice For Peace.

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Ministry for Peace

Email: diana@metronet.co.uk
A British Parliamentary (Private Member’s Bill) Initiative involving the British Peace Movement.

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May Peace Prevail On Earth

Ms Hagit Ra’anan
POB 39, Kiryat Ono, Israel 55100
Tel/Fax: 972-3-5353496
Email: h-raanan@zahav.net.il
English: www.mideastweb.org/hagit/gazeng2.htm
Pictures: www.mideastweb.org/hagit/askar.htm
“Mettanokit is a non-profit learning centre and service organisation working for a more human society based on the old values of cooperation and equality and the closeness and caring found in our elder tribal societies. Programs and services respectfully incorporate the ancestral wisdom of Native Americans and others who honour harmonious living and the Mother Earth and spiritual connections with Creation. Part of our program is offering Native circles in prisons.

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Maria Cristina Azcona

Argentinian Poetess for Peace – International Peace-Poetry Newsletter

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Many To Many



& www.peacethroughunity.info

Anthony & Gita Brooke, co-founders
Te Rangi, 4 Allison Street, Wanganui 5001 New Zealand
Tel/Fax: 64-6-345-5714
Email: optubrookiana@xtra.co.nz
A Quarterly Publication issues by Operation Peace Through Unity, an accredited NGO in association with the U.N. Department of Public Information.
“Many to Many” is a communicating link between “we, the peoples” of all nations, races, creeds and ideologies offering in the spirit of the preamble of the United Nations Charter an instrument for the furthering of better relationships based on deepening mutual understanding and the aspiration to promote unity and cooperation beyond all differences.”

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Mama Terra – For Mother-Earth

Mama Terra – For Mother-Earth Romania & Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
Contact – Aurel Duta

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Lama Gangchen World Peace Service

Albignano Healing Meditation Centre
Email: infoalba@lgpt.net
Web: www.lgpt.net
Lama Gangchen Rimpoche, born 1941 in Tibet, is the “second in command” to the Dalai Lama and the holder of a long lineage of lama healers and tantric masters. In exile since 1963, he has since become an Italian citizen. He is responsible for many peace study centres around the world and founded the Lama Gangchen Peace Foundation in 1992, a non-governmental organisation affiliated to the United Nations, with its HQ in Albignano di Bee. He actively promotes the creation of a permanent spiritual forum for world peace at the U.N., made up of representatives of all major and minor spiritual & religious traditions (continued over page)
The Albignano Healing Meditation Centre is run by the Lama Gangchen World Peace Service, a non-profit religious association of social and cultural interest, part of the above Peace Foundation. The association’s scope include the promotion of Buddhism in the West, traditional Tibetan medicine & culture. Non-Formal Education, which proposes to integrate both the revitalisation of villages and th3 recovery of rural and Alpine culture. Annual membership 15 Euros
Via Campo dell’Eva, 1
Albignano di Bee 28813 Verbania, Italy
Tel: +39-0323 569601
Fax: +39-0323-569622

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International Society for Intercultural Studies and Research

Email: cal_isisar@hotmail.com
Web: www.freewebs.com/isisar-worldpeacecongress
22 SK Deb Road (4th Bye Lane) Kolkata 700048 WB India
Tel: 91 33 252 1577753/3093151560

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International Simultaneous Policy Organisation

ISPO www.simpol.org

“The International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO) is a growing association of citizens world-wide who use their votes in a new co-ordinated and effective to drive all nations to cooperate in solving our planetary crisis. Transnational citizen action is vital because global markets and corporations so comprehensively overpower individual nations that no politician dares to make the first move to solve global problems for fear of competitive disadvantage.
IPSO overcomes this paralysis by bringing all nations to adopt in principle – and then to simultaneously implement – the Simultaneous Policy (SP), a range of democratically selected regulations to bring about economic justice, environmental security and peace around the world” – Director, John Bunzl

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